Short for Physical Comedy

by Fizz Com

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FUTURE SEVEN iNCHES, demo(n)s, and what not.


released February 7, 2016

Recorded in one day with first takes by Aaron Schroeder at BLDGS.
Mastered by HANZSEK.
Ian on bass, Adair on percussion, Ruben on guitar/percussion/vocals/etc



all rights reserved


Fizz Com Seattle, Washington

Three piece musical group from the Pacific Northwest.

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Track Name: Brand New Car (fizz com)
she watched her torture films
like "Blood Flows Red..."
she never stays at home
drives a GTO
she's got a brand new car
she won't stay
she's got a brand new car
know what it means?
it means it's curtains for me

she got everything she ever wanted
from a diamond rings to a house that's haunted
she got a brand new car
know what it means?
it means she won't stay
know what it means?
it means it's curtains for me
Track Name: Words (fizz com)
there was silence, which is violence
couldn't understand being adult
called her pretty
called her cruel
left her sleeping in a puddle of drool
and I can see her there
in her apartment where she's scribbling some stuff in a notebook

there were fires on a hillside
yet these kids only cared about names
that referred to women's privates
shut down the show
these kids are lame
and after all it's just words
they mean so much
they can really heal and they can really hurt

and there are some real creeps
it helps to sleep
if you take a pill
and try not to worry about being killed

there was violence
she was threatened
all because she shouted her abortion
left apartment an empty skeleton
her right as a woman has people...
...have people
lost their minds?
making death threats to a person
who is nice
Track Name: I'm a Mess (fizz com)
titanic fever came on in hours, fake Coca Cola, no magic powder, you do your own thing, she said so sour, my golden lemon ate/bit in a flower, she said to suffer was in my own mind, I drank her Kool Aid, tasted turpentine, watched for feelings, I looked for signs, she came uncoiled in her eyes , in her eyes I'm a mess, there is no satisfaction in rolling stoned, in the bars, in the bones of the hall, I'm a mess
Track Name: Killing Time (fizz com)
she said "the world was full of possibility"
I said " the world is full enough of disease, it's a shallow hole filled with shallow goals."
There is nothing left to see, there is nothing left to me

Don't worry ma I am doing fine.
I have a blast just killing time

It's over!
This whole thing...
without it...
everything turns grey

She said "you are the one true being"
I said "I was the want to be free"
She said "you must pray"
I said "Not everyday, I cannot be the one. I cannot be the one!"


She said I am such a fool, I burned down the school
I hated everything, I never did belong
I saw my mom was there
she said "you are number one"
I said "that can't be true, I am your only son"

Don't worry, ma, I'm doing fine.
I am having a blast killing time

It's over....